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Healthy distance. Rediscovering my home after the confinement has strengthened me as a storyteller, challenging me every day. Documenting how my days pass is to return to the origin of why I am interested in photography, it is to recharge energy to continue, it is to rethink the world and how we relate to it.

Collective Exhibition. Foto Féminas Online Exhibition
koral carballo
Aug 30, 2020
I participate in the online exhibition of Foto Féminas with my work "Casa Tomada". This photo series is in process since March 2020.

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Since March 22, 2020, we have been publishing images in Instagram from different Latin American women photographers, all of which have been previously published in Foto Féminas. Today, most countries in the Latin American and Caribbean region have detected cases affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as thousands of deaths. Each country has taken different measures from mandatory closures as in Peru and Venezuela, to progressively stricter measures as in Chile and Argentina. Each photographer's themes and approaches vary from voice to voice, yet a sense of self-reflection seems to be ever-present in the images and stories.
Photographers from different nations visualized what the COVID-19 is like in their region of Latin America, and, in their own diaspora, whether from London or Barcelona


In this virtual space, each author interpreted the pandemic in a freeway before their own reality.
Meet the photographers behind the lens:

Barcelona, Budapest, Buenos Aires, Berlín, Brasilia,Bogotá,

Caracas, Cuenca, Curitiba, D.F, La Paz, Lima, Londres, Los Angeles, Nueva York, Orocué, Orizaba, Quito, Santiago de Chile, San Andrés Cholula, Valencia, Valparaíso, Yopal.

Koral Carballo — Foto Féminas

Koral Carballo

Koral Carballo ( b. Poza Rica, Veracruz, Mexico in 1987) She tells stories related to identity, violence and territory; dissolving frontiers between photojournalism and visual arts. She began her career as a photojournalist in 2009 and in 2016 she decided to leave the local media to investigate her own long-term projects. She is currently working as a photojournalist, documentary photographer, visual storyteller and freelance artist.
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